Automatic Pricing Rules Overview

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Walmart Marketplace Sellers are responsible for setting and maintaining their price on Walmart Marketplace. At Walmart, we are committed to helping people save money so that they can live better. As part of our effort to deliver on that promise, we have enacted automated rules that identify and remove items with highly uncompetitive prices from Walmart Marketplace. 

There are two pricing rules:

  1.  Price Parity Rule
  • This rule will automatically unpublish items from Walmart Marketplace if a customer would save by purchasing the same item from the same Seller on a competing website, including the cost of shipping. 

  1. Price Leadership Rule / Reasonable Price Not Satisfied
  • This rule will automatically unpublish items from Walmart Marketplace if a customer would save drastically by purchasing the item on a competing website, regardless of the Seller. This calculation also considers the cost of shipping.

Automated Pricing Rules work as follows:

  • regularly monitors the prices of items on our site and compares them to the prices of those same items on competing websites. If any items are identified by one of the rules described above, Walmart automatically unpublishes the item(s) in question and notifies you through the Manage Items Report in Seller Center.

  • If prices change on either the competing website or on and the item now falls within the acceptable range, Walmart will automatically republish the item within 15 minutes.

  • As described in the rule descriptions, the price for these rules is measured as item price + standard shipping price.

What to do when your items are unpublished:

  1. Check the Manage Items Report in Seller Center to identify which items were unpublished. You can find the reason for unpublishing by downloading the Item Report and looking at the Status Change Reason field. If you believe your item has been unpublished because the item was misidentified, verify that the item’s Product ID is correct. If it is incorrect, fix the Product ID by following the directions in How to Update an Item's Product ID. Remember that packs should be created with their own Product ID, not using the Product ID of the items inside the pack.

    If you believe that your items have been priced competitively (e.g., your item was unpublished under the price leadership rule, but your listing was the lowest on any competing website), please create a case with the following information:

    • Item ID
    • Current Price
    • Feed ID in which that price was sent
    • The Status Change Reason from the Item Report
    • A screenshot of the Buy Box for this item (if you have it and it's relevant to your dispute)
  2. If you'd like, you may update the price of your items to be more competitive by following the directions in Updating Your Pricing in Seller Center.

  3. When unpublished item prices are back within an acceptable range, Walmart will automatically republish the item, which typically takes 1 - 15 minutes. If more than 15 minutes has passed and you believe your item remains incorrectly unpublished, please create a case with Partner Support.

  4. Even if your price has remained the same for a prolonged period of time, your items may be unpublished as market conditions change. Sellers should review prices on an ongoing basis to ensure they are competitive on Walmart Marketplace.

Potential impact to sales as a Seller on

Walmart only removes listings that are so highly uncompetitive they could potentially impact the overall shopping experience, thereby disappointing customers and impacting their overall shopping experience. These rules improve the relationship with customers, increase trust and over time drive better conversions for Sellers. In the future, we may adjust these rules and will give you advance notice so that you can plan your business accordingly.


Q: My item was unpublished but it is listed on Walmart Marketplace for the same or a higher price. Why was my listing unpublished but other listings were not?
A: Verify that your item was unpublished because of "Reasonable Price Not Satisfied" (which applies to all Sellers) rather than "Price Parity" (which applies to individual Sellers who have listings on multiple marketplaces). As we identify listings that violate our Automatic Pricing Rules, we investigate and take appropriate action. In the meantime, your items will be republished within 15 minutes once prices are competitive with market conditions. The most competitively priced offer wins the Buy Box, regardless of the Seller.

Q: Can exceptions be made to the Automated Pricing Rules?
A: The Walmart Automated Pricing Rules were established to provide the best value and experience to our customers, and to provide consistency to our Sellers. No exceptions are permitted.

Q: I believe my item was incorrectly matched, which resulted in market conditions being inaccurately calculated. What can I do?
A: If you believe that your item(s) have been priced competitively (e.g., your item was unpublished but you believe your listing did not violate the Reasonable Price Not Satisfied rule), please follow the instructions under Step 1 above to create a case for Partner Support.

Q: What competing websites are my prices being compared to?
A:  Walmart Marketplace does not share the specifics of its pricing comparison tool, however, we encourage you to monitor competing marketplaces that are known to offer a wide variety of items at competitive prices, including the cost of shipping.



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