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Expedited Shipping

Leverage our expedited shipping ecosystem to make two-day and three-day delivery, valuable discounts, and reliable fulfillment your competitive edge and grow your sales

Our portfolio of fast delivery solutions aligns with your business needs & capabilities

Power up your fulfillment network with Expedited Shipping solutions to enhance your product visibility, win the Buy Box, boost your conversions and your sales.

Seller-Fulfilled Expedited

Solutions for fast delivery by region or nationwide that meet customer needs and improve your product visibility, conversion and sales

Automatically Managed Fast Delivery Tags

A sophisticated machine learning tool that automatically manages fast delivery programs for select items in your catalog


The convenience and reliability of an established carrier with great discounts on multiple fast shipping options

Cost-effective Fulfillment Services

Reliable fulfillment options that are easy on your budget to make sure your products are delivered on-time and quickly


Walmart offers an ecosystem of related programs and solutions designed to work together effortlessly.

Customers come to expect expedited delivery options and Walmart sellers know that this can be a big driver of conversion. Walmart offers multiple solutions that match up with your individual fulfillment capabilities and business needs.

These programs can help give you Buy Box prominence, drive sales, save money, and deliver customer satisfaction, making them a crucial center point of your Walmart Marketplace business.

  ThreeDay delivery TwoDay delivery
Buy Box prominence
Fast delivery promise
Increased conversion
Fast delivery tag
Filter inclusion
Improved search rankings
Smart Tags
Regional Settings Coming Soon
Eligibility N/A Eligibility criteria apply
Access Available to All Available upon request

The chart above is an annual average. Marketplace sellers are currently experiencing higher conversions, which are reflected in the rest of the pages.

It was remarkable how customers responded— our TwoDay program growth was nothing short of phenomenal. Working with Walmart and CommerceHub, setup couldn’t have been easier; we were up and running literally overnight.


Customers expect free 2-day delivery when shopping online. With our wide assortment of products, 24/7 customer service, and the ability to offer 1-2-day delivery, we can reach more customers, are in a more competitive position online, and are able to offer the best customer experience on Walmart.