We understand it can be challenging to address customer inquiries in addition to running daily operations for your online business. Which is why we put together a list of best practices and sample responses below, so you can effortlessly respond to customer messages and provide an excellent customer experience.

Guide for Responding
to Customer Messages

Turn customers into repeat shoppers with timely and high-quality responses to their inquiries

At Walmart, we know the quality and speed of responding to customer messages is one of the key reasons why customers stay…or leave! That’s why we ensure all Marketplace sellers respond to inquiries with the customer’s needs in mind.

DO respond to customers within 48 hrs (including weekends).
Even if you can’t resolve the issue immediately, sellers are expected to respond in a timely manner per Walmart policy (including “Additional Days Off” and Operational Outage periods).

DON’T provide automated responses that require multiple follow-ups.
Customer resolutions should be provided with minimal back and forth communication.

DO acknowledge and empathize with the customer’s issue.
An apology goes a long way and helps build their trust.

DON’T mislead or overpromise.
Be clear in setting your customer’s expectations when offering customer resolutions.

DO maintain professionalism in your responses.
Double-check grammar and spelling and use pre-written templates in Message Center to quickly respond.

DON’T provide inaccurate contact information.
Keep your information up to date in Seller Center so customers and Walmart can reach you when needed.

DO monitor the Message Center frequently.
All messages require a response.

DON’T ignore your spam folder.
Whitelist Walmart addresses to ensure all customer inquiries are reaching you.

Remember, feedback is a gift! Implement these 8 best practices in your customer communication process and leverage inquiries as an opportunity to better understand how you can improve and grow your business.

Sample Response

Here’s an example of a high-quality response that follows the communication standards outlined above.

Note: Do not use the sample response as an automated response. Automated responses are a violation of Walmart policy and may result in seller restrictions or account suspension.

Step-by-Step Guides

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